T-Shirt design submission.

T-Shirt design submission.

January 16 2014


Don’t fucking call me your “favorite Asian”. I am not your “Asian friend”. “Asian” isn’t a variety of handbag. It isn’t a color to dye your hair. “Asian” isn’t a pair of shoes that might look good with your Good White Person Who Has Colored Friends™ certificate.

Asian isn’t all bubble tea and K-Pop or geishas and butterflies. Asian isn’t all double eyelids and aegyo-sal or Harajuku and Seoul. Asian isn’t all ulzzang and gyaru or bleached hair and circle lenses. Asian isn’t all seductive women and androgynous men or that buddha keychain you bought in Chinatown.

Asian is 49 countries, 2197 languages, 4.299 billion people. Asian is a trillion silent wars for justice, a billion open battles for equality. Asian is yellow, brown, and white collided. Asian is 5,000 years of recorded history. Asian is a millennia of struggle. Asian is innovation and identity stolen and sold by western imperialists. Asian is history and heritage that we won’t let you characterize and commodify.

How dare you say who is or isn’t really Asian? How dare you pick favorites? How dare you?

We are not yours. I am not yours.

I am not your anything. We are not your anything.

Don’t fucking call me your “favorite Asian”. We are not accessories.

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December 10 2013

December 10 2013


That girl you called fat? That was Steve Buscemi. That boy you called ugly? That was Steve Buscemi. That kid in the wheelchair? That was Steve Buscemi. Everyone is Steve Buscemi.

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December 10 2013

December 05 2013